There was a green monster under my bed

I told him to leave and get out of my head

He said she was better, smarter, and pretty

He made me sad, and full of self-pity 

I was ashamed of myself, can you not see

How could he know me, better than me

He said she was sweet, each every time after

I sat down and cried only with laughter 

Happier than her, it got harder to breath

I put on a smile, but I wanted to leave 

My anger was faulty, but I made it hers

Who was at fault, this monster, this curse

This poison, this fear, this angry green guy

I told him to leave, be gone, and just die

At last I said this was enough! 

I told you green monster you can not stay! 

This envy, this fear, you must go away 

I am myself, happy, and free

I told you green monster, JUST LET ME BE


My little sister says that you write after the fact because when you are feeling it, you’re too busy experiencing it. In Morocco, I have the time to listen to my thoughts because back home life is fast. With working 30 hours a week and going to school full time, I never made time to write. 
So here are some words that we’ve all felt before. 


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