Ode to Hibiscus


you sit outside my window and stretch your limbs towards bags of skin that transport secrets / remedies  

Red, right? 

Meddling your aroma, I create ecstasy that blooms botox onto my face 

Embroiled with acne, demanding pink points escape from the basement of my lip

I did not know you were coming until I walked into the living room

I witnessed you sitting on the counter 

Pedals folded, nothing short of a revelation 

Subsided & waiting for the sun 

You could cover the whole block if  let you 

On my walk I pretend I do not see the neighbor’s shrubs, of this habitual flower

“They do not belong to you.”

We wait until nightfall after iftar when I know families sit devouring the dinner table

I just want one…each night

This then turns into a deciduous mountain 

Of gooey goodness that turns this quagmire of pimples, these perennials, into a soft piece of paper


1) pick your hibiscus flower

2) remove the middle piece with the yellow pollan

3) wash flower thoroughly

4) boil in water on low heat for 5 minutes

5) pour hot water over the pedals and mix in honey, let serum cool

6) apply serum to the face and let the pedals sit on the face for 10 minutes before rinsing off

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