Fig leaf tea

Emulated from a sweet tooth long ago

Such a prudent prophetic piece of the past

A botanical boost inside my mug

A transcendental transitory

Mitigating the pressures between my psyche

This boiling bowl of leaves has created a fig Newton inside my afternoon cup of contemporary art

a placid poetic remedy invigorating our inner aphrodite

a tranquil tea generating approbation

Rooted on my block

Just below my window, this fig tree is brewing foliage

15 minutes, low heat

This ficas carica, L.

I’ll abstain from my morning coffee for a while and revel in this ephemeral phenomenon called…

Fig Leaf Tea


1) pick 1 or 2 fig leaves

2) wash leaves thoroughly

3) place into a pot of water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat

4) mix into one cup with honey


1) 1 or 2 fig leaves

2) 2 spoonfuls of honey

3) enough water to boil the leaves in

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