goodnight moon

Sometimes I hear multiple voices

All at the same time

No not in my head

My ears act like octopus

Arms pulling sound from conversations in rooms I have never been in

it is heavy although I already know I am crazy

So I clench my heart in my hand

Hold it like my knife caked in peach jam

Spread it across the fresh bread we gathered this morning

and share it with others

Whose ears are also too loud

I thank God for a man that is patient

His words tuck me in at night and suggest that I sleep

Close my eyes

“Baby thank you,”

For loving me when I do not recall myself

I do not (want to) know who taught me this

But maybe these voices will teach me

to listen

Selective hearing

Remembering what helped

what hurt



Remebering what heals


Not these voices

Good news – you don’t speak the language (yet)

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