I want to build a home

I’d be lying if I said I wanted to build a castle out of flower pedals without burning them across the sandy soil


You know the kind of fire that is easy to put out put burns all the shallow dust off the top. The chit chat. Just wiped it clean and let me dig my way out of this pit carved by ocean water.

Just a moat. My flower castle has burned itself down and now our palace lives on the beach.

Sand. Marbles. Sea shells. So much seaweed stacking up in my thong bikini I left at home. My one piece, stomach is bloated with purple leaves. It’s a good thing I brushed my hair this morning or I may be braiding jelly fish into my scalp.

Painful but electrifying, isn’t it

To feel

To release

To pray

To poetry

I think that’s what it’s called

Idk but I’ve got a lighter in one hand and a bag full of roses in the other. My towel is wet and my man bought me a new vase.

I guess we will start with the palace of pedals and the sun can wait.

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