Jan 16

He washes his car

says he likes things clean

Baby what if I told you I only took a shower because I wanted my hair to look polished

like satin

It was not the smell of Taous on my skin

Or the shaved bottom that made me do it

But for my hair to feel like velvet, hell, I will even take glossy


Just like the car

After a fresh wash, BesHa

Maybe love is not what scripture instructed upon us

After all, we never heard about Mary

I do not mean Mother mary, oh may I

No – his wife


Mary Magdalene

She was here

Hearing him speak

To love him


Saving one breath at a time

They made each other better

I hear they had children

Where are the songs of that

Jesus is with me but as a father of three

as a husband to Her

Because her hair was clean

Her patience in the passenger seat

While he washes us gracefully from all our sins

immaculate and bright

After all, He was just a man

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