Plants & Poetry Journal

Founder, Writer & Editor.

an online nature inspired literary journal publishing poetry, prose, & art by you. for every submission, plants & poetry team will plant a tree or other vegetation in our food forest in bella vista, ar.

Plant People, An Anthology of Environmental Artists

Plant People is an anthology of poetry and prose featuring 20+ species. This collection will be published online and in print paperback copies. It will be accompanied by an interactive Plant Diary. This plant diary is a tool you can use to document all your plant babies and their details. Each page provides a space for you to write down the sun and water requirements, and age of the plant. You will also be able to sketch what the plant looks like. This book also contains a word search, bingo challenge, and other environmentalists activities.

Plant Diary

This plant diary is where you can document your plants in your home & garden. You can save all the care necessary for each species and sketch what the plant looks like.

Gravity’s Grave

Gravity’s Grave is a collection of poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, and mixed media. This printed Plants & Poetry Journal provides the audience with an exclusive composting guide, writing prompts, a reading list for ecosystem health, and 50 pages of free journal space for the reader to collaborate with Plants & Poetry in this interactive journal.

Seeing Synergies

Seeing Synergies, A Two Species Interaction is a collection of poetry, photography, short stories, short films, and creative non-fiction.

Rituals & Remedies

Rituals & Remedies is a collection of poetry, prose, photography, songs, prayers, sound therapy, meditation, short films, short stories, and creative non-fiction.

Third Issue: August ’20

A collection of poetry, prose, photography, & art from contributors across the globe. All nature inspired mixed media. For each submission, we plant a tree or seed of vegetation in a food forest in Bella Vista, AR.

Plants & Poetry

Co-founder & Community Ecologist.

We offer poetry & plant education to reconnect with the soil and our soul. Workshops, publications, online and in-person events available.

Language Through Food

The Language Through Food Program is a curriculum for language learners interested in solutions to the current food system in both English, French, and Arabic. We discuss themes related to food, farming, sustainability, and conservation. This program applies to students of all ages and will strengthen the bridge between outdoor communications and cross-cultural relations. Using online tools and hardcopies e.g. workbooks and textbooks for primary, secondary, and higher education professionals to use. These materials consist of vocabulary, photography, and illustrations.

The Oasis, a Forest Farming Project

Our team has begun a Forest Farming initiative in Bella Vista, AR. Leslie and Kelsey, gardeners at Plants & Poetry House, are building an oasis of oak trees, hibiscus shrubs, pear trees, squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, fungi, vines, strawberries, wild flowers, a variety of herbs from arugula, oregano, mint, shrubs, and other vegetation. We have cataloged over 50+ species in the food forest. A mosaic of edible and medicinal plants. We use forest botanical products for floral decoratives and live plants for the nursery landscaping. We also utilize and harvest the organs of trees: roots, tubers, leaves, bark, twigs and branches, the fruit, sap and resin, as well as the wood. This space harnesses sustainable growing methods and ancestral knowledge like prayer, rituals, and seed saving after harvest. We welcome you on a virtual exploration or at our in-person tours.


For the month of September, Plants & Poetry Journal partnered with Poets Are The Destroyers in substitute for the Fourth Issue: September for a digital project, When Pens Bloom: A Chapbook Collaboration with Poets Are The Destroyers and Plants & Poetry. Poets Are The Destroyers is a cinematic love story about the lives of millennial poets in Brooklyn, NYC. The cast members are constantly wrestling with this idea of destruction & creation. You can watch the trailer below.

Art Meets Science

This issue at Plants & Poetry Journal was inspired by the gecko seeking refuge on my balcony, the four birds waiting for breakfast on the first floor of the apartment, the stray momma dog that waits outside the supermarket for bakery bread scraps, the swarm of cats that expect tuna debris inside every trash bag carried to the neighborhood garbage bin, the dogs that share my couch, the bees that keep revisiting my husband’s dash board, the mosquitos who meet their demise in my citronella candles, and the Pothos that are scattered along my living room bookshelves. We asked the contributors to examine what role biodiversity of flora and fauna play in their environment. You will see poetry, mixed media, photography, creative nonfiction, nonfiction, and prose. When science meets art. Every submission we receive, the team at plants & poetry commits to planting a tree or type of vegetation in a growing community food forest, The Oasis, in Bella Vista, AR.



We connect farmers and small companies to new networks and consult on agroforestry practices. From soil restoration, water management techniques, to diversifying your space and income, we can help you enhance your land. BioMedina can be translated to organic city, city of life, or life of the city. Our expertise varies and is applicable in Temperate, Mediterranean and Tropical regions. We specialize in urban biodiversity and conservation as well as revitalization of rural areas.

Beet Juice Diaries

Writer & Producer

Beet Juice Diaries explores our ever extremely, temporary, timely relationship with food. It bridges cultural borders and artistic disciplinaries. A collection of poetry, videos, recipes, food art, & more.

The Ozark Story Project


The Ozark Story Project is a creative storytelling project focused on exploring the intersection of immigrant and traditional Ozark folklore through poetry, recipes, photos & recorded stories. This video is a poetry submission that honors my grandmother who is diagnosed with ALS. She is a beacon, a matriarch, a mother, a connecter, an art enthusiast, a tarot card reader, and so much more.

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