My deep deference for the gardeners of the cities

Some being grandmothers

Proud beacons of pH levels

Saving egg shells and leftover tea leaves

Recycling mixing bowls and extra bath mats

Dusting magic on our roots

Sowing ideas, throwing their bras in the street

Tilling our wrappers from underneath the sofa

Layering us with sweaters, scarfs, symbols, & sage

We became root bound

Pouring our cups with fresh coffee, no sugar, and usually no milk

& a water bottle for the road

Each new journey, I collected rocks for nana’s nursery, her desk embellished with stones from new soil

it was the way they would prepare our beds

Never artless – always stacked decorum

We’re ambivalent to these arcane rituals

We do not, yet, understand these coveted canonized ways of our caretakers

Ones we have characterized as grandmothers

Gardeners of our cities

Planting seeds of their routine

Their tendencies so cerebral, taciturn- ing like a compass —> <—

Navigating, sitting in homegrown spaces

We want to cherish these corners

These bird baths

These audacious pine trees, all the ones I tried to climb

These defied porch swings

Sharing their seats, their silence, and so often their servitude

Nurses, healing with their secrets, their stories, remedies revealed

And now their grey strands on top of my head, inching up each morning like bell pepper plants sown for summer

Myriad of memories, some shallow like a bonsai, others buried like the perennials near the patio

I could braid branches of willow trees into my hair for each time I recalled her voice

“Ask me a question.”

How many times I answered ingeniously “idk” (yet)

“Nana…My question is…

How is your garden so green? Your space sacred? How did you have the time? And what did you not plant that you still wish to?”

“I’ve gathered many seeds since the last question…

Remember time is an illusion. One does not make time for sacred. Sacred is the essence of the core. Sacred never abandons we usually cover it up with [noise]. Feel the sacred every moment. When you are consciously attached to sacred then decisions are easier. Bodies are temples and sacred. Words are sacred vibrations.”

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