Sweet Citron Serum

honey honey honey honey

proliferating, precipitating moisture

prepping my pretty pores with perspiration

swindled Neutrogena with vitamin B-6, Calcium, potassium, iron, Sodium, Copper and Zinc

drizzling a dewy delicacy onto my cheeks

the sweet citron serum

a lemon, a connoisseur of sorts, flushing out all engendered toxins

an honest fruit, a great deal of probity

an empirical provider of vitamin C and B

Bolstering polemical pimples, wrestling wrinkles

a small remedy for a weary evening

such serious juice

sabotaging, subverting one’s blackheads

a lauded lemon corroborated with a nectar and here we are…

ruminating the sweet citron serum


1) cut your lemon slices

2) put slices in a jar of honey, water, and a spoonful of sugar

3) place jar into the refrigerator for use

4) apply serum to the skin and let sit for 5 minutes

5) rinse face


2 slices of lemon

A small jar of honey

Cup of water

Spoonful of sugar

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